How to Qualify for Loan Forgiveness

Whether or not a borrower is eligible for a Student Loan Forgiveness Program first depends upon the type of loan the funds were borrowed from.  There are private student loans and federal student loans. Federal Student loan forgiveness programs were implemented by the U.S. Government and are available for borrowers who:

  • Have already paid 10% of their working income towards their college loans for ten years (or equivalent)
  • Received their degree in a helpful profession that somehow benefits families in a low-income community (i.e. medicine, education, law or legal counsel)
  • Works for a government or public service entity
  • Served in the military
  • Works for an  approved non-profit agency
  • Has volunteered for an approved non-profit agency

To learn more about Loan Forgiveness Programs that you may be eligible for, more information has been provided on the following pages:

  • Loan Forgiveness for Teachers
  • Loan Forgiveness for Medical Professionals
  • Loan Forgiveness for Lawyers and Legal Professionals
  • Loan Forgiveness for Volunteering
  • Loan Forgiveness for public service entities and federal employees

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