Need Help with Student Loan Default?


We strive to help our clients restore their federal student loan defaults.  A defaulted student loan will also cause that borrower to be ineligible for future student and/or other government loans until the existing defaulted loan is brought current and in good standing.

Default loans cannot be submitted for forbearance or deferment.  Needless to say, default student loans take their own toll on our Nation’s economy.  It is common knowledge that accessible education in other foreign nations actually boosts their economies leading to more innovation and increased profits. Defaulted student loans typically show up on a person’s credit report as an I-9 rating, which is a negative indicator and will most definitely reduce the borrower’s credit score significantly making it difficult for the borrower to qualify for a future mortgage, car loan, or any other helpful loan option.

When circumstantial economic conditions prevent a student from being able to satisfy agreed payments on a federal college loan, completing their studies becomes an unattainable goal.  Consequentially, it’s not only the students who lose out from their inability to complete a work education program.  The surrounding conglomerate businesses relying on federal loans for colleges to produce an educated workforce are also negatively influenced.

We offer fast and efficient solutions for getting out of default on student loans.  Once a client completes our student loan default program they will have the ability to qualify for additional financial aid and/or other traditional loans.  The purpose of our program is to assist student borrowers by giving them options to resolve their financial obligations.

We offer a multitude of solutions that are both affordable and reasonable.  Our loan default program is designed to help students remain in good standing with their student loans and also to assist those who are already delinquent.  In recent years, our government has made a massive effort to collect the outstanding debt accrued from federal and private student loan commitments.  As a consequence, student loans are no longer eligible to be dismissed with a bankruptcy.  However, our services will help with student loans in default as a resolution to a student’s financial and educational needs.

The student loan default rate has shown an inclination from 7% last year to 8.8%.  This is probably the highest default rate since the federal government released this type of information back in 1999.  The majority of this data came from the for-profit private college institutions demonstrating a rise in default loans.

default2If you are seeking student loan default help, it is highly likely you recently graduated and are experiencing difficulty finding employment. This can certainly cause some concern knowing that your lenders will soon be sending you notifications for payment.  Another factor may be that your are paying your bills on time, but concerned finances are limited and fear a possible future default.

Our agency can help student loan default problems (including loan forgiveness) for you quickly and conveniently using the very best alternatives available based on our loan consolidation experience.